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Ziggy's presentation

on Thu 26 Jan - 10:03

First of all sorry for posting in english but my french is a bit rusty if not inexistent Surprised
Don't know if there's a rule about foreign language posts...

Started to play this game a week ago and i'm already hooked on it. I sincerely don't know why i haven't play it with more depth before.
Always been a CM0102 fan with the support of the amazing folks at with their updates/patches and so on, and i guess i couldn't put behind the disappointment of CM4. And then came the FM franchise, who i took some spells here and there but not in a enthusiastic way.
I'm enjoying so much CM0304 because it joins the best of the two "worlds". The layouts simplicity of CM0102 combined with a 2D engine like the newer versions of CM/FM.
Already learned so much about this game, updated a bit myself, created some logos and backgrounds. If someone could ever change the season's starting year like tapani did with CM0102 it would make it perfect at my point of view.

I took a looksy at the forum and congrats for your hard work. Looks awesome. Twisted Evil  I can read a wee bit the french language so i understand the most. Looking forward to meet you all and hope to give some feedback about my game experiences.

And i honestly hope to post a bit despite my language problem in order to make myself useful here with tech support stuff, share my CM career stories and so on... access to the downloads section would be great also. Expect at least another 9 posts in english Very Happy or i stay only with this one if there is a language rule or i put the google translator to work for the next one.  Laughing

à bientôt mons amis!

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Re: Ziggy's presentation

on Thu 26 Jan - 22:11
Hey there!
No problem with speaking English here, even tho there is an English section (almost inactive, but still Very Happy)
Hope you'll find whatever you need. Welcome: )

Daghe Munegu.
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Re: Ziggy's presentation

on Thu 26 Jan - 23:17
You're welcome in here Wink
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Re: Ziggy's presentation

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